Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions enhances the length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes . The extensions may consist of silk, mink, or synthetic hair. Eyelash extensions are glued individually (classic) or in numbers of 2-6 (volume) on top of your natural lash with stronger adhesives capable of lasting until your natural eyelash naturally falls out. An eyelash has a life of 60-90 days. They are supposed to fall out. Since they are at different stages of the growth cycle, most people lose 1-3 natural lashes per day on average and never notice it because the lashes are so small. Properly applied eyelash extensions do not affect this natural growth cycle, but you may notice the shedding more than before because your lashes are darker and thicker with the extensions attached.

Eyebrow Feathering

Unlike eyebrow tattoos, it is semi-permanent and can last up to 3 years. By adding colored pigment to the skin, this technique fills in empty spots on your brows to give them a full and flawless look. The feathering technique we use for creating the most natural brows possible. The hair strokes mimics your own eyebrow hairs, this technique is far more natural then the solid fill. This procedure can produce a natural look since it uses pigments perfectly matched to your actual eyebrow color. After tracing out the area where the desired brow should be, the entire area is filled in with hair-like pigments.


Classic New Set $102.50
Classic Fill 2 Weeks $52.50
Classic Fill 3 Weeks $62.50
Classic Fill 4 Weeks $82.50
Volume New Set 2D $132.50
Volume New Set 3D $152.50
Volume New Set 4-6D $182.50+
Volume Fill 2 Weeks $62.50
Volume Fill 3 Weeks $82.50
Volume Fill 4 Weeks $102.50

Eyebrow Feathering/Microblading (includes First Touch-Up within 3 months) $450
6 Month Touch-Up $150
1 Year Touch-Up $300

Eyebrow Correction
Consultation needed. Prices will vary.