UV gel nails are artificial extensions worn on the fingertips as an alternative to acrylics. They use ultraviolet light to cure the gel during the application process. Clients can decorate a set according to their tastes and achieve a natural look. A big reason people like to wear UV gel nails is because they look more natural than acrylics. The length of the plastic used and evenness of filing plays a role here. Plain sets have a glossy, strong, and healthy look that catches the eye. The most common colors for the gel are clear and pink, which are fairly neutral, but they come in many different shades that change how dramatic an undecorated set looks. Clients also have the option of going for a coat of colored polish afterward.

UV Gel Nails Pricing

UV Gel New Set Color/White Tips $62.50
UV Gel Overlay $52.50
Uv Gel Fill Color/White Tips $52.50
UV Gel Sculpting $87.50

CND ( Creative Nail Design Inc) a global leader in the nail industry has created a reinforce, cross-linking sculpting liquid and powder for tougher , crack-resistant and non-yellowing enhancements. The mixture of liquid and powder, which when combined form a hard protective layer that is sculpted over the natural nail.
The extensions will only become hard when exposed to air, and when this happens and the process is complete the nails become a strong and glossy base that is a fantastic for color application.
The procedure is a multi-step process that usually involves preparing the natural nail by cleaning, shaping, buffing and cuticle work, before then applying artificial tips to add length

Solar Nails Pricing

Solar New Set Color/White Tips $62.50
Solar Overlay $52.50
Solar Fill Color/White Tips $52.50
Solar Sculpting $87.50

Bio Seaweed Gel is the brand you can trust for innovative quality. with its pure odorless, strong and versatile. We are able to create everything from natural overlays to sculptured extensions with Bio Seaweed Gel. Bio Seaweed is the healthier gel choice big-5 free with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents. Bio Seaweed's mission is healthy nails with zero dehydration, staining or weakening effects.
Bio Seaweed provides a professional glossy nail covering that lasts for up to 3 weeks. Layers of gel are applied to the natural nail and cured under a UV lamp. . Clients also have the option of going for a coat of colored polish afterward.

Bio Gel Nails Pricing

Bio Gel New Set Color/White Tips $82.50
Bio Gel Overlay $62.50
Bio Gel Fill Color/White Tips $62.50
Bio Gel Sculpting $107.50

PolyGel Nails Pricing

PolyGel New Set Color/White Tips $82.50
PolyGel Overlay $62.50
PolyGel Fill Color/White Tips $62.50
Polygel Sculpting $107.50

Simply put, Polygel by Gelish is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel. The all-in-one formula featuring TriPolymer technology was designed for consistency which allows you to create flawless nail enhancements. The TriPolymer technology in the product includes oligomers from gels, polymers from acrylics and polymers from lacquer, that gives the product putty-like viscosity to ensure a smooth and durable finish. It is odour free, stronger than UV Gel, more flexible than Solar/Acrylics, no heat spike and most importantly, it's healthier for your nails!


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